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Find out your best eating pattern, including enzyme activation and place. Improve your health and feel energetic.

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  • Type: How do you interact energetically?
  • Strategy: What can you do to stay true to yourself?
  • Inner Authority: The most important center in your design to fall back on when making decisions
  • The colored centers: Defined, consistent energy
  • Open centers: Your energy is not consistent here
  • The defined channels: Your talents
  • The pitfalls in your design
  • Your profile: Your natural way of behaving
  • Your mission
  • How to activate your Tantra
  • How does money fall into your lap?

Diet advice

Adults –
Including enzyme activation & place
€ 100

Diet advice

Kids –
Including enzyme activation & place
€ 100

Full chart reading

Including type, strategy, profile, mission and much more
€ 200

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Jessie Newburn

You opened my eyes!

I have spent the day immersed in food, mostly putting aside some vegetables to ferment — each vegetable in its own jar, though mixing in some spring onions, garlic and ginger in one.

I can already see I’m eating less because there is less food available.

Right now I’m eating raw peanuts, sauteed in coconut oil with salt, hot pepper and coconut sugar. I am sticking with the one food. You’ve opened my eyes!

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